Branding Packages

Our branding packages are tailored to suit businesses of all sizes and industries. We create unique branding strategies and identities that help businesses attract and retain customers by implementing well-planned strategies and exceptional visual designs. Our visual designs are crafted to impress and present the business in a favourable light, ultimately helping to establish and enhance its reputation.

Each brand package will be delivered to the client in an elegant branding book available in print and digital formats. This branding book will contain all the necessary instructions for utilising the particular brand package. The client will receive all graphic and text files in appropriate formats.  The graphics can be utilised in any professional software or platform (such as Canva), and can be used by businesses without an in-house graphic designer.

We also offer customised branding services tailored to each business's unique needs, allowing clients to choose which services they require.


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Perfect for start-ups or small businesses looking to establish their brand's visual identity. It offers a comprehensive designs that reflects the brand's values and mission.

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Visual Identity

  • Logo
  • Brand Elements/brand frame
  • Typography
  • Colour Panel
  • Image Style
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
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This branding package includes comprehensive branding guidelines and is perfect for businesses looking to rebrand or establish a strong branding foundation.

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Brand Scripts

  • Brand Purpose
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Mission
  • Brand Drivers


  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Differentiation
  • Customer Avatar / Defining
  • the Target Audience
  • Competitors

Communication elements

  • Brand Name
  • Brand Tag Line
  • Storytelling Framework
  • Brand Message
  • Brand Tone and Voice
  • Brand Promise
  • Visual identity

Visual Identity

  • Logo
  • Brand Elements/brand frame
  • Typography
  • Colour Panel
  • Image Style
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations


  • Website
  • A/B Testing
  • Packaging Development and Design
  • Labelling design
  • Product Photography for Advertising and Catalogues
  • Social Media Template Designs
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Start-UP Pack

The purpose of the start-up branding package is to represent the brand visually and convey its existing message. It is only the graphical aspect of our branding services. It focuses on creating a visual identity that is tailored to attract the attention of the brand's target audience. You must already have brand scripts and a basic business plan for this package.

Please note that we do not collaborate with brands that have not yet developed their brand scripts or messages but want a visual package. We recommend designing the visual identity only after creating a clear brand message. However, if you do not have a definite brand message, we can assist you in crafting one. Our designs aim to represent brands with a strong foundation.

The package incorporates the following:

Colour palette: The selection of colours for a brand can impact its mood and tone, so it is essential to choose carefully. We will create custom colour combinations for your brand based on industry standards, trends, and your specific requirements. We're going to let you in on a little secret: it's not just about selecting colours that look good together; it's about crafting an identity that resonates with your target audience at a deeper level.
Typography: During our consultation, we will provide expert advice on selecting appropriate typefaces to enhance your brand's visual appeal, aesthetic quality, and overall tone. We will discuss whether a primary and secondary typeface will suffice or if additional typefaces are necessary to create a complete brand experience. Furthermore, we will analyse the usage of typefaces in your industry to determine whether using something different is feasible or if adhering to industry standards is more appropriate.
Logo Design: We will create a minimum of three unique logo designs based on your specific requirements and instructions. Each design will be presented in mockups to better understand how it will look in the real world. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on each design. We will include two rounds of revisions: one for the elements (fonts, icons, shapes, colours, etc.) and another for the final logo composition and combination.
Brand Frame and Elements refer to the shapes, such as ribbons, waves, and symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, included in a brand's graphics to solidify its presence and create memorable associations.This versatile frame can represent your brand across various media, from social media templates to your brand stationery.
Image style: You will receive an image style guide that reflects your brand's mood and message.
Note that we don't offer photography services in this package. We provide guidelines for the type of photography that suits your brand.If you require a product or any other type of photography, we can add it for an additional fee.
Iconography is a service that provides you with a set of 15 icons that represent your brand's essentials. These icons will follow your brand's mood, providing a visual experience associated with your brand. You will receive these icons in all the necessary file formats, making applying them easy across all your platforms.
Brand Frame and Elements refer to the shapes, such as ribbons, waves, and symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, included in a brand's graphics to solidify its presence and create memorable associations.This versatile frame can represent your brand across various media, from social media templates to your brand stationery.

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Brand substance

Brand Substance, or the brand's heart, is your brand foundation. It explains your brand vision, mission, values and brand drivers. Without it, any branding is shallow.

1. Brand Purpose

The brand's purpose is a short statement that conveys what the brand is all about. It gives a great chance to present your ideology and beliefs and connect to like-minded people. 

2. Brand Values

It lists values you want everyone to follow in your organisation. Must direct how the business behave overall. It should be clear what the brand stands for now and what it wants to be in the future. It is the moral code of your business.

3. Brand Vision

The vision you have for your brand in the short or long term. The Brand Vision is an excellent way for a company to present its idea of how it can change the world for the better. It is also a great selling point showing your business as part of something much bigger than just a profit, can lift morale and be used to unite and serves as an example.

4. Brand Mission

A statement explains how the organisation will achieve its vision and benefit its followers. It extends the brand purpose. Brand Mission unites the team and can also create a sense of emergency. It is one of the essential components of any branding.

5. Brand Drivers

The brand drivers combine the simple description of the product/services, the benefit factor and emotional value. They serve as a value proposition. It manifests how your product or services will benefit and influence the customers. It shows how it will change their lives and status or impact them emotionally or physically. 

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Defining the target market. Mapping and placing the brand among the competitors and defining market gaps and customers' personalities. 

1. Customer Persona

We will create a fictional personality of the brand's ideal customer. It will help us define your potential customer and what problems you need to solve. It is mainly segmented by demographic, psychographic, behavioural and geographic types, but we will help you define it in greater detail.

2. Brand Differentiation

With brand Differentiation, we will help you define the specific behaviour of the business and the individuality in communication and message, both visual and copyright. It is analysing the strong and weak points of the brand and its unique point of sale. It is part of the positioning that presents your visual difference.

3. Competitors

That step is detailed research delivered in a complete report showing competitors' brand visuals, behaviour, presence, character, voice and storytelling frameworks. 

Brand Communication Elements

Brand communication elements are the character of the brand. It includes the brand personality, voice, behaviour and any brand catchphrase. It is the step that helps define the brand visual in the next stage.

1. Brand Name

The business name is one of the most essential and strategic steps. Creating a good brand name is critical to the brand positioning in the market and the prospect's mind. The brand name is a promise that customers will associate with any new product or service the brand launch.

2. Tag Line

Short phrase to highlight, describe or motivate the audience. It is a memorable description that communicates the brand message.

3. Storytelling Framework

It is a pattern of steps in the brand utterance, a structured format that communicates what you're seeking to achieve for your specific target audience. It is a framework of how the brand presents its messages. It creates a dynamic of expectation in the audience.

4. Brand Personality

Forming specific characteristics and shaping the brand in a more human form (character archetype) to be easily understood and accepted by its audience.

5. Tone and Voice

Connecting on a deeper level with the brand audience by tuning the tone of voice and the language to what its audience use.

6. Brand Message

Oneliner is accessible to understanding a message which tells a story. In many brands, the brand message is a combination of the brand vision and the brand mission. It is directed towards a pre-determined market segment and considers what the customers want to hear, what the brand can provide, and what the competitors are already providing.

7. Brand Promise

It is a short declaration/statement of what the brand promise holding to its values. It can be used in marketing but only internally as a guideline of what the brand stands for and is ready to do for the customers.

Visual identity

In most common terms, the brand identity is the brand's visual appearance as its key elements are the logo, shapes and frames in the brand colours, fonts, iconography, and images.

1. Brand Logo

It is the essential symbol of the organisation. One of the visual expressions of the brand creates a direct association in any brand presence. It is a crucial part of the brand's visual, connecting all its designs.

2. Brand Frame /Assets

It is a unique shape, pattern, or combination of graphic elements forming a repeatable frame over any media the brands are using. It emphasises the logo or the brand's tagline in most cases. Frequently is placed on the page corner carrying the brand colours, generally used to highlight contacts or other important information.

3. Typography

Also, one of the essential elements in the brand visual. The right font and typeface emphasise the brand character and overall, the brand message. The typography promotes legibility and helps communicate the messaging, tone, and sentiment of a design.

4. Colour

The colour and logo are the first perception customers will have of the brand in many ways. The colours bring specific associations and emotions. It helps to emphasise the brand character and reinforces the brand tone of voice.

5. Iconography

The style of icons used by the brand must theme with the overall brand visual. As part of the brand message, they create direct associations.

6. Photography

Photography plays an essential part in branding, especially in present times. With the progress of social media, it is crucial to keep consistency in the brand imagery. Brand photography needs to follow a consistent mood, colours or emotions.