We design unique

branding identities that

help brands stand out

Create a strong brand and grow it strategicly
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We design unique branding identities that make brands stand out

Create a powerful brand
and grow it strategically
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Project showcase

Tea poster with brand logo and tea boxesA beautiful girl is lying on a bed and holding shea butter jarsBanner with Stiro Style branding colours wave and logo with white background with variety of columnsSkyrock poster including statue of Zeus on left step on brand panel with slogan in it and brand logo in centre of the imageBook poster Timeless novelRestaurant poster with brand logo and signature dish

We craft branding strategies
and graphic designs that help businesses become brands and
brands become timeless.

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Many businesses struggle to find the right message, clarify their values,and establish a strong position. If it is not done well, it will reflectexternally on the brand visual and ruin even a good design for whichyou probably paid hundreds if not thousands. Internally can cost teamdisunion and lead to brand mediocrity, which will quickly affect salesand prices, and you may lose even more money.


Metaka Branding Studio helps businesses build their branding, find theiruniqueness, and organise and navigate the business's external, internaland philosophical structure. We provide great branding solutions ineasy-to-follow strategies to clarify your vision and message, establish astrong position, and gain customers' trust. You will no longer feeldisunion in your team, and your visual designs will speak in temeconsistently carrying your brand message.Contact us now and get your business to the next level. Create with usa brand that will increase your product and services value and buildcustomer trust.


Don't allow your business to fall into mediocrity and lose its essence.Stop losing control over prices and customers' respect. Give your branda character. Work with successful storytelling frameworks, and dressyour business the way it deserves. Find your rightful place on the market,and build a brand everyone will like to follow.Stop losing from your branding and start gaining today.

Branding Strategy Deliverables

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    Market and Competitors Research
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    Increase prices by focusing on value.
    Defining Target audience
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    Attract like-minded customers but also like-minded employees.
    Branding Identity Structure
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    Use a successful storytelling framework and no longer be confused about how to talk to your audience.
    Brand Scripts
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    Get a design that corresponds to your brand message and personality.
    Visual identity Designs
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    Get your mission statement, oneliner, story pitch, value proposition and brand promise for your marketing and website.
    Positioning Strategy

What do our complete services include?

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Get your branding done in 6 easy steps

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Initial Consultation

Jumpstart your branding journey with a comprehensive call where we dive deep into your business's scale, direction, background, objectives, and target audience. This step is crucial for us to tailor our services to perfectly match your unique needs and aspirations.

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Custom Proposal
& Agreement

Following our initial discussion, we'll craft a bespoke proposal and agreement for you. This document will detail the project's scope, deliverables, timelines, and pricing, ensuring complete clarity and alignment of expectations.

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In-depth Consultation & Workshop

A six-hour workshop, which is divided into a few interactive video sessions. We will work together to extract your brand's core elements, which will help us craft concise statements. Our team will guide you through each stage of the process, using dynamic graphics, illustrations, and presentations for an effective discovery experience.

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Strategic Analysis
& Planning

This phase is dedicated to meticulously analysing all gathered information. We'll map out each step, conduct thorough research, and strategise the direction for your brand, laying the groundwork for the subsequent stages of brand development.

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Creative Visualisation
& Organisation

Here, we bring your brand to life visually. Expect to see your ideas materialise through custom-designed logos, visual assets, and a unique blend of typography and color schemes. This stage is where your brand's identity starts taking a tangible and appealing form.

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Final Delivery
& Branding Book

Concluding our journey, we'll deliver all brand materials in the correct formats, collating everything into a sophisticated Branding Book. This invaluable resource includes detailed guidelines on how to effectively utilise and maintain your new brand identity, ensuring consistency and impact.

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