Skyrock logo and slogan on the front a blue background with a chess board and horse figure as an accent
Aphrodite statue in Skyrock brand shapes in left and about the text in a blue rectangular shape in the right.
Skyrock brand purpose statement on the left and a horse head in the brand elements on the right
Statue of the Thinker with the brand elements in right and Skyrock's brand mission statement in the left
Pythagoras statue with yellow baseball hat as joke element presenting brand archetype of Skyrok brand
Statue of David on the left with Skyrock brand elements and text in a blue rectangular shape on the right
Skyrock logo progression. Logo in frame and proportions left and icon progression in right
Cartoon horse head in Skyrock brand elements and Skyrock icons set.
Disk Thrower cartoon character with Skyrock brand elements in left and text in blue shape in right
Skyrock statues set and their cartoon copies
Skyrock logo on the middle and statues of Zeus on right and David on left

What we did

Brand Strategy

Brand Substance

• Brand's heart triangle - Purpose, Mission and Vision

• Brand Drivers

Brand Comunication

• Brand Achitype

• Tone of Voice

• Storytelling Frame work

• Storypich and theme

Brand Positioning

• Customer Avatar

• Differentiation

• Positioning mapping and differentiation

Visual Identity





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