Banner with Stiro Style branding colours wave and logo with white background with variety of columns
Lion head statue facing right part of Stiro Style branding

Stiro Style is manufacture in Sofia, known for their film and stage decor designs for theatres and tv shows, made by styrofoam and fibres. They are also involved in making Interior and exterior decoration entirely according to customer’s design. As the company start growing, they needed strong branding to place themselves on the market and make a bold statement. The goal was to create a highly visible brand reflecting the corporate level without losing the company’s creative side.

Lion head statue facing left part of Stiro Style branding
Stiro Style logo mockup engraved on white polystyrol

What we did

Identity Design
Brand Frame Elements

Van Signs
Office Signade (indoor & Outdoor)

Uniforms & ID Badges Design

Motion Design

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