Established in 2007 in Bulgaria by Martin Ivanov, Teamo is a brand of high-quality herbal teas. The company introduces a new way of preserving and processing the herbs that conserve all of the plants' qualities resulting in a product that is 100% organic with a substantial positive impact on people's health and emotional well-being.
Ivanov's family has kept the traditions of collecting and processing herbs and using them to prepare potions, medicines and herbal teas for generations. A heritage that survived through time brought to life a new modern shape – Teamo herbal teas.
Ivanov lived in Spain for several years, and the local people's interest in his herbal teas inspired him to make this vital decision to return to Bulgaria and continue his legacy. The name comes from Spanish Te Amo, meaning I love you. Still, for better recognition, we advise that the name needs to be used as a single word Teamo.      
Teamo teas are a spiritual journey for all senses. Produced in Bulgaria, they are made from carefully chosen herbs handpicked from the mystical Bulgarian mountains. The fusion mixture heals the mind and body. With proven health benefits, the teas are made with a lot of love to give the best cup of tea.

teamo's brand black wave facing up
Black branding wave facing down

Teamo packaging concept

• Needs to move away from the mindset of being a manufacturer and see Teamo as a limited edition-personal.

• Teamo needs to be solid but luxurious and elegant, conveying the current market-driven nature of the tea business and communicating the trustworthiness and dependability of an old company with long traditions. Needs to position them well against competitors such as TWG, Art of Zayne, Zealong, and Te. Also, prove that Teamo is about the intimate atmosphere created by the richness of the taste and the elevation of the spirit by satisfying the senses with the complexity of the aroma (preserved by the special way of drying the tea).

Different in many ways. Not only perfectly related to and complimenting the brand, but also very revolutionary and YES it is something no one has seen before.

The package design is unique and brakes the standard of the regular square tea box. It represents half of a heart shape because you fulfil your heart with every next tea.

The box fits a standerd amount of 20 tea bags.

Tea boxes fit perfectly because of their shape. This allows them to be easily transported in a standard cardboard box.

The box is easy to open. The top punchline allows easy peeling without destroying it.

Half heart Teamo tea box - Mursala tea

Mursala tea from the heart of Rodope Mountains

Mursala tea is a perennial plant. It is considered a herb with unparalleled healing power. The plant from Mursalitsa, over the Rodope village of Mugla, is regarded as one of the wonders of the Rhodope mountain. The legend says, God Dionysus, himself has chosen the place where the herb would grow. Up to this day, ancient rituals are taking place at the time when it is picked up.

Half heart Teamo tea box - Rosehip

Rosehip tea from the heart of Rodope Mountains

Our ancestors thought the Rosehip had good magic. They attributed to her a miraculous force capable of reviving the flame of feelings. The astrologers say that the Rosehip is under the domination of the moon.Most of the herbalists call her “The Queen of Herbs”. This is due to the high content of vitamin C, carotene (provitamin A), lycopene, pectin, vitamins B1 and B2, PP, K. By its vitamin C content, the Rosehip has no analogue.

Half heart Teamo tea box - Camomile

Chamomile tea From The heart Of Rodope Mountains

IIn ancient Egypt, the chamomile was devoted to the sun and its god Ra. It is a herb of the sun, charged with its regenerative, healing and protective power.
Chamomile means “patience in trouble in the language of flowers,” perhaps because of its ability to survive after someone has stepped on it.

Half heart Teamo tea box - Lemon Balm / Mint

Lemon Balm teafrom the heart of Rodope Mountines

The ancient Romans scented the halls for celebrations and feasts because they thought the lemon balm smell strengthened brain function and improved memory. That is why the students at that time wore wreaths of the plant.
Lemon Balm tea is naturally sedative under high stress. It calms tension and anxiety. It contains the menthol substance, one of the strongest muscle relaxants. It is the relaxation of the muscles that is the first step in the process of fighting stress.

Half heart Teamo tea box - Cornflower

Cornflower teafrom the heart of Rodope Mountain

The Legend says - the cornflowers are the eyes of a handsome man, who rejected the love  of a mermaid.  She cursed him and turned him into a flower as in that way no other woman will have him. The cornflower has a very good diuretic, bile and appetite-stimulating effect. The main positive qualities of the herb are due to its bitter glycosides, centauramin and cyanine, as well as the alkaloid pelargonidin.

Teamo brand gold wave

Teamos' Brands Heart

A heart shape outline in a circle is used as an icon for brand purposes.

Brand Purpose

We pick every herb with love to make teas that people like to drink and talk about.
A mountine shape outline in a circle is used as an icon for brand vision.

Brand Vision

To create conections between people and cosy atmosphere in every house.
A flag shape outline in a circle is used as an icon for brand mission.

Brand Mission

Teach people about herbal tea's power and how to use it to heal physically and emotionally because there is no better way than the natural.

Teamo's Logo Concept

Based on the direction Mr Ivanov has given to us, we came up with a concept for the logo. The idea of the icon was to present an intimate and cosy mood. At the same time, it had to look classy, luxurious and elegant. In Teamo's logo concept, we combine the emotions associated with the words: cosiness, spirituality, tea, aroma, love, health, and intimacy connection. In other words - smell, test, love and spirit.

Logo keywords as outlined icons - candle cup of steaming tea, heart and two faces facing each others

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