Landscape of a dreamy meadow under a cloudy sky and fog horizon
Three  floating windows frames
White fluffy cloud
An arrow pointing down
Timeless braphic novel hard cover book mock up
White fluffy cloud
A white window frame as part of the brand imagery

Timeless, A Story of Dreams. A project based on the eponymous novella by El Caballero De La Sombras.
Our part in the project was focused on the branding strategy and the visual designs.
Many people still do not believe that a book needs branding. As a short explanation, we will say - every book is a product. Every product needs to be presented, explained and valued to be accepted by the audience. Not to mention that good branding clarify the customers and grow the audience's trust in the product. We are proud to be revolutionary in that.

We want to emphasise how different this project was from anything we have done before — Unique in its ideological, strategical and visual presence.  We set a target group, and the primary importance the author asked us to focus on was the music. Not literally, but the melody in the message's tone and visual element.
Our team has created more than 200 illustration concepts—most hand drawn with a lot of melody and poetry implied. Of them, 138 came to life. The branding strategy was inspired entirely by the mission of the author. To help people who feel like misfits and outsiders get inspired and believe in themselves.  

The young woman Tanita dressed in black with a long red scarf reach her hand in front. Illustration part of Timeless book websiteA young man Akhatem wearing a white open shirt and dark pantaloon raised his arm in front of him.

Brand Purpose

Timeless is a safe space for emotional people where they can find a sparkle of light to inspire strength and brighten their journey.

Brand Mission

To inspire courage in people to follow their dreams.

Another unique side of Timeless is that the graphic novel is made in four colour harmonies. Each represents a section of the book Influenced by the sopecific mood and the emotions in the story. Of course, they correspond entirely with the brand colours.
Blue - blues, Yellow - Agony, Black and white-Nightmare, and Colourful - Dreams.

Colour Harmonies

Blue - Blues
Blue is often called the colour of sadness and loneliness - feeling blue. This colour harmony responds to those feelings and amplifies the emotions of the illustrations. It is used in the chapters to portray the night and the sadness of loneliness of the scenes.
Yellow - Agony
Yellow is a colour associated with madness and anger on its negative side. With it, we illustrated the part of the story where the protagonist struggles the most. It well represents his inner emotions and suffering.
Nightmare - Black and White
This series of chapters are illustrated in black and white with a colour accent on black. The colour combination dramatically focuses on the nightmare's mood and the fears that come with it. A red colour appears in certain scenes as a minor detail to remind us what the story is about - love.
Colours - Dreams
We use colours in the chapters where the protagonist enters the dream realm. Illustrated with gentle use of watercolours gives the reader an interpretation of daydreaming - rêverie (French).
A book and a graphic novel layout
The final design layout for the book and the graphic novel.
Chapter Illustrations
Timeless is a visual and rich story with elegant poetical metaphors and melody of word. The beautifully stylised chapter illustrations give the book's layout design an excellent finish. To make the book even more magical, we created graphics that pop-up breaking the text pattern and delivering a wonderful experience to the readers.
Timeless black brand logo

Box set - Book and Graphic Novel

Timeless - box set cover and two books graphic novel and bookTwo book covers The book cover Tanita's portrait with a red scarf in front of black background framed in the white window frame. Graphic novel cover -The young woman Tanita is climbing a white ladder in an endless meadow with many floating windows on the grass and sky. She is trying to reach the moon. She is seen in one of the windows.

E-Book and Audiobook

eBook phone cover. The young woman Tanita is climbing a white ladder in an endless meadow with many floating windows on the grass and sky. She is trying to reach the moon she is seen in one of the windows.
E-reader mock up with Timeless book cover
CD ebook, disc cover and CD with graphics.


Timeless merchandise tote bag t-shirt and greeting cards with illustrations from the graphic novel.Timeless merchandise t-shirts - white and black T-shirt with graphicsTimeless coffee mugs with graphics

What we did

Branding Strategy

Customer Persona


Brand Purpose

Brand Vision

Brand Mission

Brand Personality

Tone of Voice

Brand Message Framework

Value proposition

Visual Identity


Brand Colours

Brand Frame Elements


Book layout concept


Advertising Materials

Video and scripts

Music and sounds

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